T-Mobile continues HSPA+ expansion, passing up others with fastest active data network

T-Mobile may have been last to launch 3G data, but they are now passing up everyone with the fastest and broadest roll out of their 21 Mbps HSPA+ network.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

Regular readers know I am a long time T-Mobile customer (something like 9 years) and am extremely satisfied with their network and services. I debated about staying with them a couple years back though as they were the last on the block to get 3G data up and running and I almost lost my patience. Well, my patience is being paid off as T-Mobile continues to roll out HSPA+ and has the fastest wireless network currently in service, including the WiMAX service from Sprint (10 Mbps vs. 21 Mbps). Sprint started using the 4G marketing term (WiMAX is not a 4G standard per the international definition) and now T-Mobile is using it to describe their HSPA+ network. With theoretical speeds of 21Mbps, I think T-Mobile should skip this 4G nonsense and market it as 5G since it is so much faster than anything else out there at this time.

Today's news centers on expanding the T-Mobile HSPA+ network to nearly 50 major metropolitan areas with a schedule to deliver this service to 100 areas (185 million people) before the end of 2010. There are currently NO HSPA+ smartphones available, but 16 existing 3G devices do benefit from the improved network upgrades. The first HSPA+-capable smartphone will launch later this summer, which has me seriously considering a return of the Samsung Vibrant until that release. T-Mobile does have a new webConnect Rocket 2.0 USB Laptop Stick that is HSPA+-capable with a new rotating swivel USB form factor. I look forward to seeing a MiFi-like wireless hotspot device with HSPA+ capability and when that is released I may give up my Sprint EVO 4G and just go all in with T-Mobile.

T-Mobile also joined the connected netbook market with a Dell Inspiron Mini 10 with T-Mobile webConnect. The Dell netbook is $199.99 with a 2-year contract and data plan and $429.99 with no contract.

T-Mobile also has a new family plan promotion where you can get their latest messaging phones for free after rebate with unlimited family plan texting for $20 per month.

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