T-Mobile customers get the gift of free Google Music tracks

T'is the season for sharing music for T-Mobile customers with Android devices and Google Music, from now till the end of 2011.
Written by Gloria Sin, Inactive

Now that Google Music is live, T-Mobile Android customers will be getting exclusive and free access to full-length select songs via Google Music, every week until the end of the year.

As long as they have a smartphone running at least Android 2.2 (Froyo), T-Mobile customers will be able to find the T-Mobile Free Tracks (pictured right) within the Google Music app, and download the featured artists' music for free in the remaining weeks in 2011. This week, they can download some new tunes from Drake and Maroon 5.

According to the T-Mobile Blog announcing the carrier's partnership with Google Music, its customers will soon be able to charge impulsive song purchases to their monthly phone bills too. That will just make it a little too convenient for finger-tapping users to add to their music collection, but that's precisely the idea.

While I doubt the promise of several free songs would convince anyone to switch carriers (how much could a few songs cost?), it is a nice perk for current T-Mobile customers to give Google Music a whirl. Non-T-Mobile customers take heart: you can still access these free songs as long as your T-Mobile friend shares his loot on Google+ (assuming you're a part of his "circle"), you'll be able to download the entire track via the social network. T'is the season for sharing, after all.

[Source: T-Mobile's Blog]


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