T-Mobile customers will finally get the iPhone as AT&T acquires T-Mobile

Wow, AT&T is going to buy T-Mobile USA and this is NOT an April Fool's joke. The two main U.S. GSM carriers will now combine to take on Verizon and T-Mobile customers will finally get an iPhone.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

Just a couple of weeks ago there were rumors that Sprint was going to aquire T-Mobile USA and I commented how difficult that would be with completely different cellular technologies. That might have just been a smoke screen as we just learned that AT&T is going to aquire T-Mobile USA from Deutsche Telekom. This actually makes sense given that both are GSM carriers and all I have to say now is that Sprint has some major work to do to compete with Verizon and this new AT&T/T-Mobile company.

It is reported that AT&T is buying T-Mobile USA for $39 billion and the deal has been approved by both company boards. T-Mobile has a unique 1700 MHz AWS band for 3G, but maybe they will give that up and go with AT&T's frequencies. The thing is, T-Mobile has a much faster HSPA+ network at the moment so we will have to keep an eye on what shakes out from a technical basis. I think LTE may become a focus for the AT&T/T-Mobile company now as they compete with Verizon for the top spot in the U.S.

The Nokia N8 that I have is a penta-band 3G phone that supports both the AT&T and T-Mobile network so why can't HTC, Motorola, Samsung, and others do the same thing moving forward to have GSM world phones?

It looks like T-Mobile customers will finally be able to get an iPhone, huh?

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