T-Mobile Galaxy Note II available today for $379.99, I'm upgrading to it from the GSIII

I have been hearing LOTS of great things about the Galaxy Note II so I just sold my Galaxy S III and am off to the store to pick one up for myself today. You can order online or visit your local store to pick up this new Galaxy device.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer
T-Mobile Galaxy Note II available today for $379.99, I'm upgrading to it from the GSIII

The Samsung Galaxy S III is one of my favorite all-time Android smartphones and I have been using it since July on T-Mobile. The Jelly Bean update is still not out so I am doing what Samsung hopes silly folks like me do and purchasing a Galaxy Note II that comes with Jelly Bean sometime today. I really enjoyed the first Galaxy Note and with the major updates from Samsung in the Note II this may be my perfect Android device.

As I often do, I sold my Galaxy S III via Twitter at a low price to move it out of my collection and help offset the cost of the Note II. T-Mobile announced this morning that the Note II is available today at stores and online in white and gray. I am leaning towards the gray one, but will have to see them in stores. T-Mobile is including EA's Need For Speed Most Wanted game and the Mogo I purchased just arrived yesterday so I will soon have a full review here for you on this combination.

I am excited to try out the S Pen updates, experience amazing battery life with the 3100 mAh battery, enjoy video on the large display, and hopefully get the best Android experience possible on a mobile phone. My MoTR podcast co-host and friend Kevin Tofel has the Galaxy Note II and says he rarely even picks up his Google Nexus 7 as this device meets his phone and tablet needs in one.

T-Mobile is selling the Note II for $249.99 with 20 equal payments of $20 per month (total price of $649.99) for Value plan customers and $369.99 for Classic plan customers, both with a 2-year agreement. I understand the full, no-contract price is $649.99 and that is how I plan to purchase mine today. However, if you want to save some money over this $369.99 subsidized price, then you should consider visiting the folks at Wireflywhere you can buy the subsidized Galaxy Note II for just $279.99, a savings of $90! The Wirefly no contract price is $735.99.

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