T-Mobile HTC HD2 woes continue, software update pulled down

We had such high hopes for the T-Mobile HTC HD2, but the device suffers from major stability issues and the update that was designed to fix some of these has now been pulled. T-Mobile is apparently working to fix the update and release it again, but that doesn't help those with devices locking up.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

A few weeks ago I wrote that I was done with Windows Mobile and my HD2 and then last week we heard that T-Mobile released an update for the HD2 to fix the freezes and other stability issues. It turns out that update also deletes any games you purchased and any rentals you have not yet watched. I just read over on Mobile Tech Review that the T-Mobile HTC HD2 woes continue as T-Mobile pulls down the update due to reported problems with updated devices. I feel bad since a coworker upgraded his old Dash to the HD2 and has come to me once a week with serious stability issues with the device. The HD2 sold very well from what we hear about it not being available, but I wonder how many are getting returned due to the lack of stability. It really is sad since the hardware if fantastic, but the OS just doesn't cut it.

I wish T-Mobile USA had a HD2 running Google Android like the Sprint HTC EVO 4G and rumors are that some flagship Android device will eventually be coming. I like using my Nexus One on T-Mobile, especially now with the Android 2.2 update. Maybe T-Mobile should just bring the Nexus One into their retail stores and sell it for the same price as the HD2.

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