​T-Mobile plans to step up its enterprise pitch

All the Uncarrier moves made to poach consumers from other carriers apply to enterprises too, argues T-Mobile.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

T-Mobile in 2015 plans to step up its efforts to court enterprises with its various "Uncarrier" efforts that appear to be winning over consumers.

CEO John Legere's T-Mobile plans to step up its efforts to court businesses.
At the telecom's Uncarrier 8.0 event on Tuesday, CEO John Legere touted a data stash plan that will allow customers to carry over gigabits into another month. Most plans make customers guess about their data usage and then penalize them for overages. As a result, customers either aim too high and leave GBs on the table or pay up for overages.

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While that plan could appeal to businesses, Legere did note that T-Mobile had an initial "focus on the individual customer." Indeed, T-Mobile's plans on termination fees, global roaming policies and data stashes are marketed to consumers who are open to jumping from their existing carriers.

In 2015, the company does plan to step up its enterprise recruitment efforts, said Michael Katz, vice president of B2B marketing at T-Mobile.

T-Mobile does have a unit specializing in businesses and said Uncarrier features do win over smaller enterprises quickly. For example, "more than a third of businesses are hit with data overages," said Katz, who noted that enterprises are partly fueling subscriber gains in recent quarters.

Today, T-Mobile sees enterprise gains for companies with up to 25 lines. Going forward, T-Mobile will take bigger swings for larger enterprises. "A lot of what we've done with Uncarrier plans is relevant to business," said Katz.

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