T-Mobile VP sounds off on Carrier IQ, AT&T, BlackBerry, iPhone, and eGov (exclusive interview)

In this video, a T-Mobile VP gives us an exclusive look into the strategic thinking of a major mobile carrier.
Written by David Gewirtz, Senior Contributing Editor

This has been a wild few weeks for mobile communications carriers. First, there was a planned merger between AT&T and T-Mobile, only to have some severe pushback from the FCC. Then, the inter-waves exploded with news that most mobile devices were shipped by the carriers, complete with a piece of software the blab-o-sphere claimed spied on not only your every move, but your every keystroke.

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Into this maelstrom of activity comes the very intrepid and very good-natured Frank Sickinger, Vice President, B2B, MNC and Federal Government Sales at T-Mobile USA. Well before all this chaos hit, Frank and I had planned to sit down for an in-depth discussion about government communications and mobile security.

I gotta hand it to the man. Even after all heck hit the fan, and even after I made it clear I was going to dig hard into these hot-button topics, Frank was man enough to show up and join me on camera. Even more impressive was both how open and how friendly the discussion was.

Frank was also a very good sport, not only for diving into Carrier IQ and AT&T, but weighing in on his perception of the future of BlackBerry, and even whether or not T-Mobile wants to be in the iPhone business. And yes, we did manage to talk about government communications, as well.

This is a fascinating interview and it's not to be missed.

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