Taiwan ups cyberwar prep

The Ministry of National Defense believes online threats from China will persist, and to defend itself, it intends to expand its cyberwar capabilities including building a facility for simulated Web warfare.
Written by Kevin Kwang, Contributor

The Taiwanese government will be stepping up its spend on online defences as it expands its Communication Electronics and Information Bureau (CEIB) and creates an experimental facility for simulated cyberwarfare.

According to the Taipei Times on Monday, the country's Ministry of National Defense (MND) said there has been increasing numbers of cyberattacks targeting it which can be traced back to China. It believes this will continue as China's defense strategy emphasizes on superiority in cyberwarfare and its capability to launch countermeasures against a stronger enemy, the article added.

This is why despite budget cuts in other military departments to prepare for the future implementation of a voluntary military service, the ministry will expand the CEIB's capabilities to include a specialist group for electronic and Internet warfare, it said.

It will also establish an experimental facility for simulated cyberwarfare to raise the military's online defense capabilities, the MND stated.

The National Security Bureau also emphasized the threat of online attacks, revealing in its budget estimate for 2013 that parts of its network had been attacked more than 1 million times by hackers from January through June this year. It has been successful fending off these attacks though, it added.

Both the MND and National Security Bureau have sent their budget estimates for approval, the Taipei Times said.

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