Take a load off with crowdsourced bathroom locator apps

In a hurry? Feeling the pressure build? Don't strain any longer, there are public bathroom locator apps available for Android and iPhone.
Written by Scott Raymond, Inactive

How often has this happened to you? You're in an unfamiliar place, and the call of nature hits you unexpectedly. Many stores don't let you use the bathroom, even if you buy something. What if you're not in a mall, or a department store, or near a gas station where facilities are ubiquitous.

Don't feel down in the dumps, because you don't have to dance around the issue any longer. Thanks to your smartphone and a selection of applications, you can relieve yourself of worry. I found several apps that were available on both Android and iPhone platforms. They really help out in a pinch.

First up is Sit or Squat. This app is free for both Android and iPhone, and also has a website. You can find bathrooms by entering a location, or by GPS locator. You can rate the facilities, leave a review, or even add a new location with photos.

Next up is Toilet Finder. Free for both Android and iPhone, it also has Nokia and Windows Phone versions as well. Also a crowd-sourced bathroom locator, it shows the nearest bathrooms on the map, along with distances--which is handy when your speed is reduced by clamping your legs together.

Finally there's Find Toilets, which is free for Android (with ads) and 99 cents for the iPhone version. This one stands out by providing custom directions to the nearest facility. With GPS, it also provides latitude and longitude, which is quite handy if you need to nuke the site from orbit after that burrito.

And if you need to keep yourself occupied while you're taking care of business, you can grab these games for your phone: Drag Toilet Paper for Android and iDrag Paper for iPhone.

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