Taking only the Samsung Q1 UMPC on the road

The Samsung Q1 UMPC is one of the first Ultra Mobile PC devices to hit the market and I'll be leaving the laptop behind on a business trip to see if the Q1 can fulfill the role of a mobile computer in a real-life situation. While the UMPC may have lower specifications than a laptop, the ability to travel light and have a full Tablet PC in hand may be worth the tradeoffs.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

The great folks at Dynamism, US importer, sent along a Samsung Q1 UMPC as part of my Geek.com review and to put it to the true test I am taking it with me today on a short business trip across the country. My MacBook Pro will be left at home as I see if the UMPC can be an option for lightweight travel. The Samsung Q1 sports a 900MHz Intel Celeron M, 512MB RAM, 7 inch WVGA (800x400 pixel) display, 40GB hard drive, 802.11 b/g, Bluetooth 2.0, CF slot, 2 USB ports, ethernet port, and stereo speakers.

An interesting feature of the Q1 is the ability to boot into Windows CE, instead of a full Windows XP, for basic multimedia needs, called AVS Multimedia. I added a movie and some podcasts to watch and listen to while on the airplane and hope that using the AVS Multimedia functionality helps conserve a bit of battery life.

I loaded up the evaluation unit with the new Office Professional 2007 Beta 2 and OneNote 2007 Beta 2 applications, along with SlingPlayer, MindManager Professional 6, Firefox, EverNote, and ritePen. After a couple days of checking out the Q1 before my trip I found that ritePen 2.5 is a better handwriting alternative compared to the integrated Tablet PC tablet input panel (TIP). When you activate the TIP the keyboard and text entry box pops up that takes up almost a third of the small display. ritePen allows you to write directly on the display without requiring a special entry box. If I want to use a keyboard to enter data I am bringing along a Think Outside Bluetooth portable keyboard and mouse.

I am taking along my Nokia E61 as my mobile phone and will use it as a modem as well when a WiFi signal is not available. Stay tuned for more on my usage of the UMPC and see if I end up spending all of my mobile device savings on a Samsung Q1.

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