Target selling the iPad cheaper than Apple

Apple forces retailers to sell the iPad 2 at the full retail price, just as it does. Target is getting around that by giving an instant gift card with the purchase of an iPad.
Written by James Kendrick, Contributor

This morning I decided to pull the trigger on an iPad 2, and just before heading to the Apple store I jumped online to see if I could find it in a store closer to home. The Target web site indicated the store located just three minutes from my house had the white 32GB iPad 2 in stock.

In Target I found a representative to unlock the case and sell me the iPad. Lo and behold, when ringing up the sale she told me that Target gives a $40 gift card with the $599 purchase of the iPad. That price is the retail price for the 32GB iPad 2 everywhere, but with a $40 gift card that effectively drops it to $559. That's cheaper than Apple sells them for, and everywhere else I have checked.

The $40 gift card must be spent in Target, but since it was an instant "discount" I used it to pick up an orange Smart Cover for my new iPad 2. I suppose cheaper iPad 2 configurations would qualify for a smaller gift card, the Target employee didn't know. The most expensive 64GB model would get a bigger discount, so I could have upgraded the memory for less than the $100 upcharge from Apple.

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