Targeted real-time ads reach downloaded content

Start-up YuMe brings customized real-time ads to downloadable content like videos on BitTorrent's new distribution site.
Written by Elinor Mills, Contributor
A California start-up is bringing ads that can be targeted, tracked and customized in real time to downloadable content such as videos on peer-to-peer company BitTorrent's new distribution site.

YuMe Networks on Monday is launching what is believed to be the first advertising campaign that lets a marketer dynamically insert video advertising into content that has been downloaded onto a viewer's PC, mobile device or TV. This will allow peer-to-peer networks and others that offer downloadable content to monetize it with advertising. Previously, such services had to offer the content for free or charge users on a per-download basis because the viewing of the ads could not be measured and tracked.

YuMe's technology reports how many people viewed the ad, how much of it they watched, the number of times they watched it, and whether they clicked on the ad.

Entertainment software publisher Eidos Interactive is using YuMe technology to launch an ad campaign to promote its upcoming video and PC game Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Anniversary. The ads will be shown on select video files from G4 TV and distributed on the BitTorrent Entertainment Network, which opened in February.

Unlike video content, which is downloaded and resides on a local hard drive, YuMe-delivered ads are streamed in real time when the viewer hits the "play" button, said Jayant Kadambi, chief executive and co-founder of Redwood City, Calif.-based YuMe.

Marketers can select to show the ads before or after the video is played and can show two or more in a row if they like, as well as target the ads by geography, he said.

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