Team HTC Columbia uses Google Android to provide real-time Tour de France data

The Tour de France is the world's most famous cycling race and Team HTC Columbia is using Google Android handsets and Google software to provide real-time data of their progress. Add a widget to your iGoogle page and follow all the action.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

What do you get when you combine the number one Google Android phone maker and the world's most famous cycling race? You get one of the coolest ways to track the racers via GPS and HTC Android handsets. Team HTC Columbia is using the My Tracks program on HTC Legend devices to provide real-time location data to followers. Their system is also working with other partners to provide speed, power, cadence, and heart rate data. This is an awesome use of technology and may be a way to get more smartphone enthusiasts to follow The Tour de France.

You can read the Google blog post on the origination of the My Tracks gadget and application. As the post states, they are using a special version of the app that tracks their physical details. You can add a widget for this to your iGoogle page too. Google says that this project was the work of employees conducted during their 20% time.

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