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May I see some ID? Form-filling software
Written by Jason Parker, Contributor
May I see some ID? Form-filling software

If you're tired of filling in online forms with the same old information time and time again, here are three apps that'll remember all your details and fill in the forms for you.

I surf hundreds of different Web sites every day. A good portion of those, such as online e-mail services, Web-based work tools, and members-only message boards, require a login before I can gain access. In addition to those logins, I also occasionally need to fill out forms when I register for software, sign up for a new service, or buy something online.

While it's not a lot of trouble to fill in the blanks, it can be time-consuming to fill out the same information over and over again. Fortunately, I discovered form-filling software that can take care of all that tedious work for me, giving me access at the click of a button. Even better, these apps perform double duty by remembering my numerous login names and passwords, so I don't have to sit there scratching my head, trying to remember which login info goes with which site. Here are my current form-filling favourites.

KeyWallet is the only free program of this group, yet it comes packed with plenty of cool features. Once you've trained KeyWallet to work with your favourite sites and forms, it's easy to just click and fill in forms with a few short steps. You can even download skins if you get bored with the interface. (Free/Windows)

WebM8 also fills in your logins and forms for you but adds the convenience of a drop-down menu for forms that require more than just the standard login and password. WebM8 works with almost any browser and also encrypts your logins, passwords, and other private info so that you don't have to worry if you share your computer with other users. (Shareware/Windows)

RoboForm is my favourite of the group for filling out forms. I use this one to quickly fill out software registrations, time cards, and member sites, all by using the small window that pops up every time I need something filled in. I mentioned that KeyWallet works great once you've trained it -- Roboform almost trains itself. (Shareware/Windows)

What do you think? Do you ever use form-filling software? How do you keep track of all your login details? TalkBack to me below!

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