These are the top JavaScript libraries and frameworks

Tech jobs: Which JavaScript programming language skills are hottest right now?
Written by Steve Ranger, Global News Director

Front-end web development has been evolving rapidly, which means the in-demand JavaScript libraries and frameworks continue to change.

According to analysis of tech job postings by recruitment website Indeed.com, Angular remains the most common JavaScript library after overtaking jQuery during 2018. It has been rising consistently, and is now listed in around 5% of job ads.

Among the JavaScript skills in decline, jQuery has fallen 30% since 2015, while Ajax is down even more -- 54%. Backbone.js has also seen its appearance in job postings drop significantly since 2014. 

Image: indeed.com

React.js has followed a similar trajectory to Angular, according to the Indeed.com analysis, and has just passed jQuery as the second most popular JavaScript library. Node.js has grown steadily -- if less rapidly -- in popularity.

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All this change can be "frustrating for both tech job seekers and employers alike, especially for front-end developers who strive to make web applications functional and attractive," said Indeed.com.

The recruiter also noted big changes in the rankings of JavaScript tools. Interest in vue.js is up significantly, and is by far the fastest-growing JavaScript framework, followed by React.js and Angular. 

A recent report by TechRepublic looked into how Java and JavaScript have dominated software development over the last decade.


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