Tech news roundup: HPE Discover 2019, Facebook's Libra cryptocurrency, and Google Cloud's debacle

This week's TechRepublic and ZDNet news stories include a look at the companies that hire the most data scientists, four significant impacts of a security breach, and a first-hand account of a major hack job.
Written by Karen Roby, Reporter

I'm Karen Roby with your news roundup for ZDNet and TechRepublic.

Google Cloud's bad month continues as Google Calendar encounters major issues -- this comes just days after Google Cloud had a much larger outage. Larry Dignan tells us more about how the calendar was down for hours for users around the world and the reasons behind all the trouble.

HPE Discover 2019 kicked off in Vegas. Hewlett Packard Enterprise is bringing customers, partners, and some journalists together to talk about recent successes and what new products and services are ahead. James Sanders is one of those journalists attending--he has all the latest information on our sites.

We've been hearing rumors for quite some time now that Facebook was ready to jump into the cryptocurrency arena. Those rumors turned out are true. The social network announced Libra will hit the market in 2020. So what does this mean for Bitcoin? That answer remains to be seen.

And speaking of Facebook, the social networking giant ranks number 4 on the list of the tech companies that hire the most data scientistsAlison DeNisco Rayome has more on the report, which is on TechRepublic. In case you're wondering, IBM takes the top spot, and Apple came in 7th.

Gone are the days of CIOs and IT admins being the only ones concerned with cybersecurity -- it is now a joint responsibility among C-suite members in an organization, according to a recent Radware report. The new report details how cybersecurity is a key business driver for executives. And with good reason -- the average cost of a cyberattack is approximately $4.6 million. Macy Bayern takes a closer look at four significant business impacts that a breach can have and what you need to know.

And finally, we've all heard horror stories about being hacked -- unfortunately, one of our own was hacked in grand fashion this past week, and he's now sharing his story in hopes that others can learn from the odd string of events that led to his nightmare. Matt Miller's full account and video titled Hacked: Decades of data gone and no recovery in sight can be found on ZDNet.

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