TeenTech Weekly: Lulzsec, Twitter expulsion, BYOD

The weekly roundup of Generation Y and student resources you may have missed.
Written by Charlie Osborne, Contributing Writer

This edition of TeenTech weekly rounds up Generation Y and student news that you may have missed. This week we’ve read about LulzSec hacks, Twitter student expulsion, BYOD schemes and April Fool's jokes gone awry.

1.) U.S. man pleads guilty in Sony data hack. (Big Pond News)

A U.S. college student, who was a member of computer hacking group LulzSec, has pleaded guilty to two federal charges of breaking into computers at Sony Pictures Entertainment.

2.) Editor of Boston U paper resigns after rape spoof. (The Associated Press)

The editor of Boston University's independent student newspaper stepped down Tuesday after an April Fools' edition that appeared to mock rape and drug crimes. Under the spoof banner 'The Disney Free Press,' one story reported the arrests of 'seven frat dwarves' for allegedly drugging and raping a female known as the 'fairest of them all.'

3.) The future of education: Memorize or analyse?

Beset by a changing economy, increased reliance on technology, and arguably the different mindset of younger generations, educational establishments are beginning to shift in line to cater for different global economic demands -- but what will the future hold for teaching methods?

4.) 25 Most-Buzzed Universities on the Internet. (Mashable)

MIT is the most-buzzed about university on the Internet, beating out its Massachusetts neighbor Harvard for the top spot.

5.) Can this 'Online Ivy' university change the face of higher education? (The Atlantic)

This week, the Minerva Project, a startup online university, announced that it had received $25 million in seed financing from Benchmark Capital, a major Silicon Valley venture capital firm known for its early investments in eBay, among other successful web companies.

6.) Do schools have the right to expel students for tweets?

If you say a naughty word on Twitter, the appropriate punishment is not a mouth-rinse with soap, but expulsion.

7.) Yale's faculty approves rights resolution for Singapore campus. (Bloomberg)

Yale University professors approved a resolution urging that a planned joint campus with the National University of Singapore respect and support human rights and political freedom.

8.) Bring your own device scheme launches at school.

The idea of 'bringing your own device' has a number of advantages and pitfalls -- but now BYOD has taken the plunge and is being trialed at a U.S. school as a pilot program.

9.) Kids: 'Google it' or ask parents and teachers?

What is the first point of call for children seeking information - parents or Google?

10.) California college chief defends use of pepper spray. (Chicago Tribune)

The president of a California college defended on Wednesday the use of pepper spray by campus police against students protesting higher tuition for extra summer-school classes, an incident that left as many as 30 people overcome by the caustic substance.

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