TeenTech Weekly: Students and social media

The weekly roundup of Generation-Y and student news & resources you may have missed.
Written by Charlie Osborne, Contributing Writer

This edition of TeenTech weekly rounds up Generation Y and student news that you may have missed. This week we've read about social media student 'revolutions', Higher Ed going social, and what happens on Facebook when relationships go sour.

1.) Higher ed goes social to attract more students. (Saturday Gazette-Mail)

When Marshall University Director of Recruitment Beth Wolfe and her recruiting staff wanted to expand their online presence two years ago, they turned to the place where they knew they would find their target market: Facebook.

2.) Delaware schools to be barred from students' social media lives. (WSJ)

Delaware is on the verge of prohibiting schools from monitoring students’ social media activity without their consent. 

3.) No such thing as Facebook depression. (Technorati)

Researchers at the University of Wisconsin have just published the results of a new study which shows there is no link between time spent using Facebook and depression. This contradicts some long held conventional wisdom and speculation by the Academy of Paediatrics report.

4.) Student-led protests may spark 'Mexican Spring'. (University World News)

The rise of a social media-based student movement is shaking up Mexico's 1 July presidential race. This is happening just as the Institutional Revolutionary Party, or PRI -- which ruled for seven decades until its defeat in 2000 -- seems poised to return to power.

 5.) Our Take: Student-athletes should exercise caution with social media. (Red and Black)

It's a sight common to professional sports, and has become increasingly more common even at the collegiate and high school levels. An athlete at the top of their sport, impassioned either by a perceived injustice or simply a bad day at practice, takes their frustrations off the field and onto the Internet.

 6.) Facebook academy trains students on Peninsula. (NC Bay Area)

The academy aims to help local, underserved students, and give them a leg-up in science, technology, engineering and math. 

7.) Social media mela: Miscreants with a mouse. (The Express Tribune)

Just had a bitter break-up? Scramble to protect your accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Gmail. According to Sabbah Haji, an avid writer and director of Haji Public School, there are many whose private information on social networking sites has been misused by spiteful exes.

8.) Should minors be able to register on Facebook? (Deseret News)

Recent survey results by Consumer Reports indicated that some 5.6 million children under age 13 are violating Facebook terms in registering for an online account. Facebook has considered authorizing underage children under parental permission. 

9.) Teach children upsides and downsides of Facebook, social media. (Psych Central)

Facebook and other online social media services present an assortment of issues, many of which are especially important for parents. 

10.) Internship gives students taste of business world. (Philly Burbs)

New Jersey Assemblyman Chris Brown believes in the value of hands-on training. So when a college internship was developed involving Burlington County College, Brown and a website company, he was enthusiastic. 

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