Tell customers more about your small business, via video

The VYou social network offers a fast-growing platform for answering questions or sharing information about products and services in a more personal way.
Written by Heather Clancy, Contributor

There's quite the community building over a VYou, a video blogging site that some small businesses have begun using to build visibility for their products and services.

You can think of VYou as a social network, with a twist -- instead of communicating with your followers, fans and community with text messages or still photos, you answer questions or post information via video. That can have the effect of making your team seem more accessible.

Since I first became aware of the site, a grewing number of small businesses have begun using the platform to get their message out.

An example is Griot's Garage, a car care and accessories company that uses VYou to answer questions, or ThredUp, a kid's clothing swap organization that has created a fun way of greeting anyone that visits its VYou page.

You could use VYou as a way of making your Web site's frequently asked questions (FAQs) section a bit more human, which is essentially what both of these companies have done (although I was hard pressed to find a link from ThredUp's main site back to VYou). A screen capture of the ThredUp channel is below:

ThredUp copy 2

The company behind VYou raised a $3 million round of Series A funding last May led by RRE Ventures and Highland Capital Partners. And yes, you can do this mobilely -- via applications for either Android or Apple iOS.

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