Tell us your views on Wikileaks

Over the past few weeks, commentators have gone to town on the rights and wrongs of Wikileaks's publication of sensitive US documents. Now we want to hear your views
Written by Staff , Contributor

The release by Wikileaks of confidential US documents has sparked a battle between its backers and detractors, who have used web-based actions and words to make their point. They have had their say — and now we want yours.

ZDNet sites from around the world have got together to come up with a survey to find out what our readers make of the saga. Was Wikileaks right to publish? Is there a political aspect to the events? And what does it mean for doing business over the internet?

Let us know what you think by taking part in this short poll. We're running it over the next two days, and we'll share the results later this week.

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