Telstra confirms 1,400 job cuts

Telstra has confirmed that another 1,400 employees will leave the business under a fresh round of job cuts, but could not yet confirm which areas of the business will be impacted.
Written by Corinne Reichert, Contributor

Telstra has confirmed that changes in its business will impact the jobs of 1,400 staff members.

A Telstra spokesperson told ZDNet that the company is taking around 1,400 employees "through some changes", but could not confirm which areas of the business are being affected.

According to Telstra, it will issue a statement later on Wednesday once it has informed the affected staff members.

The cuts follow Telstra confirming in August that it was considering cutting 204 jobs in its Global Finance Services business across business intelligence and analytics services, operational billing, credit services, and accounting.

"We constantly review the way we work to simplify our business and remove duplication. These proposed changes would consolidate some work because we are standardise [sic] our reporting and processes," a Telstra spokesperson said at the time, adding that 35 current vacant Services Operations roles could also be removed entirely.

In July last year, Telstra additionally cut 326 jobs, saying it would "remove duplication" in its customer service solution, and would "increase slightly the amount of work done by our partners overseas", with work types to be consolidated across Australia and the Philippines.

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