Ten greentech trends for 2010

Cleantech predicts more investment in greentech and nine other trends to watch in 2010.
Written by Harry Fuller, Contributor

Cleantech Group has its annual list of things to expect in the greentech sector in the new year. Click here to read about all ten.

Perhaps most optimistic: more investment money will be attracted. They foresee RECORD FUNDING!

The international competition to dominate green industries will intensify, says Cleantech, "Agreement on a new global climate regime, as well as one in the U.S., will make halting progress over the coming year, likely disappointing many. Yet the race to dominate the emerging clean economy has already begun and will accelerate regardless. This race will become front-of-mind in 2010...."

The gas guzzler vs. hyrbids? Forget it, that's 2009, says Cleantech. "SMART MOBILITY" is the new direction. Here's Cleantech's description, "In 2010, clean cars will form part of a broader shift to smart mobility. Smart mobility will quickly permeate beyond simply the transport sector, and will be integrated into the new energy paradigm and influence the design of urban systems, even shipping ports. Look increasingly in 2010 for eco-city designs based on concepts such as “new urbanism.” Leading governments around the world will rethink tax systems, fiscal incentives and budgets to encourage greener forms of work and transport based on smart mobility concepts...."

It won't be just energy that's in demand and short on supply. "Already in 2009, while in a recession, oil prices have touched $80 a barrel, and prices for commodities and precious metals have moved upwards. There are even signs of food price inflation returning with companies such as Cargill calling policymakers’ attention to a looming crisis."

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