Teradata rolls out latest database, pushes time aware analysis

Teradata said its Database 13.10 is available and stumped for better time aware analysis in data warehousing applications. The company also made a bevy of other analytics moves.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Teradata on Monday said its Database 13.10 is available and stumped for better time aware analysis in data warehousing applications.

So-called temporal analysis refers to the ability to analyze data based on changes in history instead of just the most current data. Teradata argues that seeing how data changed will cut down on the use of customer reports as sell as implementation times. In a nutshell, Teradata Database 13.10 time-aware capabilities are supposed to highlight how markets have changed rather than how they look at one point in time.

Teradata's latest database will automatically update and check changes by date so there's a complete change history. Typically, these time-data updates required manual scripts. For instance, automated time analysis could highlight how a sales region may perform if a star sales team moves to another division through time. Product sales can be tracked year over year even if the goods change categories.

The database update, along with hardware tweaks, comes as Teradata is one of the few independent data warehousing players left. Oracle is gunning for Teradata with its Exadata product line. Meanwhile, IBM bought Netezza in a move to bolster its analytics appliance line-up.

Among other Teradata odds and ends Monday:

  • Database 13.10 also features new compression technology to save storage space and better analytics precision.
  • Teradata's platform will feature the latest Intel Xeon processors.
  • Those new processors along with other design enhancements provide a performance boost for the Teradata Active Enterprise Data Warehouse 5650.
  • Teradata is also shipping the Teradata Extreme Performance Appliance 4600, which runs completely on solid state drive (SSD) technology to cut lag time.
  • The Teradata Data Warehouse Appliance 2650 was updated along with the 1650 and the Data Mart Appliance 560, which is an entry-level data warehousing appliance.

  • Teradata will support seven new SAP Business Objects applications including new services and on-demand options.
  • Karmasphere will provide software to build and run MapReduce jobs. The upshot is that customers can access Hadoop and Teradata files with simple interfaces.
  • Teradata is also updating its relationship manager tools with new dashboards and reporting. These reports will also be available on Android and iPad devices.

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