Teradata touts Netflix, P&G customer wins

Teradata kicked off its partner conference with Netflix as a reference customer for its analytics tools delivered via the cloud.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Teradata, following up on a recent profit warning, touted its cloud services as well as customer wins from the likes of Netflix and Procter & Gamble.


The company's partner conference, which kicks off in Dallas on Monday, is aimed at positioning Teradata in key markets such as marketing, cloud and big data. Teradata recently said its sales for the third quarter will fall short of expectations and some analysts argue that the use of Hadoop will ultimately hurt the company's business.

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With that backdrop, Teradata said it added features to its Integrated Marketing Management suite via cloud delivery. Teradata plans to offer cloud services for marketing operations, campaign management and digital messaging. Digital marketing technology is a crowded space, but Teradata's secret sauce will be combining marketing front end systems with its data warehousing tools.

Teradata's cloud marketing services will first be offered in the U.S. and Europe. As Andrew Brust noted, Teradata is aiming to make the economics more competitive for its appliances

To back up its cloud message, the company touted Netflix as a key customer. Netflix will use Teradata's cloud to run complex query analytics. Netflix is using remote access to the Teradata database and backup. The Netflix win should put Teradata in good cloud company. 

In addition, Teradata inked a multi-year agreement with Procter & Gamble. In a nutshell, P&G will use Teradata as its foundation technology for managing customer relationships and data.

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