Terra's Poo WiFi: you scoop, you surf, for free

A Mexican internet service provider has designed a great vehicle for ridding parks of dog poo while also advertising its services.
Written by Mary Catherine O'Connor, Contributing Writer

I'm not sure who's smarter, the Mexican internet service provider, Terra, that came up with a new way to entice dog owners to pick up their dog poop, or the folks at DDB Mexico (part of the global DDB ad agency) who produced the video (above) in order to get the message across.

Terra has created a receptacle that is placed in a public park and linked to a WiFi base station and WiFi antennas mounted throughout the park. When a steaming bag of dog poop is placed in the receptacle, the WiFi system is powered up.

The length of time that the WiFi is available is correlated to the weight of the poop bag (a scale inside the receptacle determines this) and shown on a monitor mounted above the can.

Poo WiFi is certainly skewed toward larger dogs -- which the video humorously conveys -- but there's nothing stopping a broadband-starved park dweller from collecting all the poop (or whatever) he or she can find and tossing it in, thereby upping the minutes.

It's a win-win for man and beast.

Via: Gizmag

Image: Flickr/miz_ginevra

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