Tesco iPhone app adds barcode scanning

Online shopping - but handier?
Written by Shelley Portet, Contributor

Online shopping - but handier?

Retail giant Tesco has added barcode scanning to its free iPhone app, allowing consumers to add items to their online shopping basket by using their handset as a barcode scanner.

Tesco iPhone app adds barcode scanning

Barcode scanning on Tesco's groceries iPhone app
(Screenshot: Tesco/iTunes App Store)

The update to the original Tesco Groceries app - which launched two months ago - is designed to make online shopping on a mobile easier. Tesco Groceries app users had frequently requested adding in a barcode scanner, according to the supermarket giant.

Users of the app can now scan items' barcodes on the fly - when they use up the last tin of tomatoes while making dinner, say, or when out and about drinking a good bottle of wine at a friend's house. The scanned item will then automatically be placed in their online shopping basket ready for their next online shop.

The updated app is available from Apple's iTunes App Store. Other features include enabling users to book delivery slots, view nutritional information of food products and browse products from across Tesco departments.

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