Tesla launches cheaper Model X crossover, now starting at $74,000

Tesla is allowing customers to buy a Model X for less, but 'cheaper' is a relative term.

(Image: Tim Stevens/CNET)

Tesla announced on Wednesday it will begin offering a cheaper version of its all-electric Model X crossover, starting at $74,000 for the 60D model.

The Model X 60D is $9,000 less than the Model X 75D, as the cheaper model has a shorter battery range of 200 miles -- compared to 237 miles on the 75D. The 60D won't lack on performance, with a top speed of 130 mph and zero-to-60 acceleration in six seconds.

Tesla is rolling out new, aggressively-priced versions of its vehicles that are mechanically the same but have different software twists. The 60D Model S sedan that was released in June uses the same, larger battery as in the 75D Model S but is limited by the software on the vehicle.

The Model X 60D is now available in Tesla's online Design Studio, with added options like Autopilot and Bio-weapons Defense Mode. The premium Model X 90D and P90D are priced upwards of $150,000 with more options.

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