Tesla launching 'major improvements' to Autopilot in coming weeks

The improvements follow a probe from the NHTSA and two high-profile crashes.
Written by Jake Smith, Contributor
(Image: Tesla)

Tesla plans to launch "major improvements" to Autopilot in the coming weeks through a software update, CEO Elon Musk confirmed in a series of tweets on Wednesday.

Musk said more details will come later in the day. However, he teased the improvements will be found in unreleased version 8.0 and version 8.1 of the Tesla software. Fixes to the Autopilot feature are said to come "primarily through advanced processing of radar signals".

Autopilot, found on the Model S and Model X, uses cameras, radar, ultrasonic sensors, and data to automatically steer down the highway, change lanes, and adjust speed in response to traffic.

Tesla came under a bit of scrutiny earlier this year when its Autopilot feature was found turned on during fatal crashes. Tesla has touted its innocence, reminding drivers they must remain in control when Autopilot is activated.

Update: Musk still hasn't released more details, now expected to hit this weekend.

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