Tesla reveals 2017 Model S with front design update, biodefense mode

Tesla has brought minor tweaks to its flagship, all-electric sedan. The new front grille design brings it closer to the Model X and Model 3.
Written by Jake Smith, Contributor
(Image: Tesla)

Tesla revealed an updated Model S on Tuesday with a new front design more akin to the Model X SUV and budget Model 3 sedan.

The new Model S also comes with further tweaks including a "bioweapons defense mode" like on the Model X. It also adds adaptive headlights, which use 14 LED turning lights capable of three different positions for better illumination on dark roads, and "Next Generation" seats as a $2,500 add-on from the factory.

The new changes were shown in an update to the Tesla website and come after the announcement of Tesla's budget Model 3 sedan earlier in April. The Tesla design studio is already reflecting the changes.

Tesla Model S front redesign [in pictures]

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