Tesla tease: Here's a peek at $35,000 Model 3's design

The automaker confirms it will reveal the new sedan at a March 31 media event, and the car will be drivable.
Written by Jake Smith, Contributor

Tesla reconfirmed in a tweet on Tuesday it will reveal its highly-anticipated Model 3 sedan at a press event on March 31, a vehicle said to be pivotal to the company's growth.

The tweet was accompanied by a teaser image showing how the Model 3 stacks up against the high-end Model S sedan and Model X SUV -- all-electric, high-performance vehicles with plenty of technology on board. While it doesn't reveal the specific design of the vehicle, it does show it will be a tad smaller than the Model S, while having the roundness of the Model X.

Tesla says it won't be a dummy car at the unveiling -- members of the press will get to drive the Model 3.

Past its $35,000 price tag and hints from CEO Elon Musk, not much is known about the specific design of the mass-market, all-electric vehicle. It's said to go on sale in late-2017, as long as Tesla doesn't hit any major production roadblocks as it has in the past.

Ahead of the Model 3 launch, which is said to have a battery range of at least 200 miles, Tesla invited financial analysts to tour the factory in which the sedan will be made. In a Bloomberg report published earlier this week, many analysts praised the factory.

"There was an energy and buzz within the facility that is hard to imagine as an outsider," James Albertine, an analyst at Stifel, said.

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