Tesla to add Apple AirPlay support, but still spurns CarPlay

Soon your iPhone could have a better way to play music and videos inside a Tesla.
Written by Maria Diaz, Staff Writer
Tesla Model 3

The interior of the current Tesla Model 3.


Tesla, which has yet to adopt support for Apple CarPlay, is finally preparing to integrate Apple AirPlay into the car's software. This would allow drivers to stream higher quality audio, and potentially video, from their iPhones to their Tesla vehicles. 

The news comes in release notes from the Tesla app update 4.23 in Not a Tesla App, which includes Apple AirPlay, App icon, Reset Tesla Profile, Quick links, and Minor fixes. It's presumed the latest Tesla app update will support Apple AirPlay for music and podcasts as well as the potential for video, but Tesla hasn't officially confirmed AirPlay integration.

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AirPlay is a technology developed by Apple that would allow iPhone users to wirelessly stream from their smartphones (or iPads) to their Tesla vehicles. People can use AirPlay to stream video, mirror their screens, and stream audio on TVs or speakers. AirPlay uses Wi-Fi instead of Bluetooth to stream from one device to another, delivering higher-quality output. 

Though most car manufacturers opt for integrating CarPlay, specifically developed for vehicles, Tesla's integration of AirPlay could be viewed as a step towards future integration of CarPlay -- a step in the right direction of sorts. 

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Apple CarPlay is a technology that seamlessly integrates a user's iPhone with their vehicle's infotainment system, extending the smartphone's functionality to the car's display. This gives iPhone users a familiar user interface on their vehicle's display, where they can access their contacts, messages, music, podcasts, and other iPhone apps using their car's touchscreen. 

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