Tesla to recall more than 360,000 vehicles due to self-driving software problems

Tesla's Full Self-Driving Beta software increases the risk of a crash at intersections, and it allows vehicles to exceed speed limits, a federal agency says.
Written by Stephanie Condon, Senior Writer
Tesla on highway

Tesla is recalling more than 362,000 vehicles due to safety issues with its Full Self-Driving Beta (FSD Beta) software, according to a federal agency. 

The FSD Beta software "allows a vehicle to exceed speed limits or travel through intersections in an unlawful and unpredictable manner [that] increases the risk of a crash," according to a recall notice from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. 

To address the problems, Tesla will release a free over-the-air software update, the agency said. The company is expected to notify customers through the mail by April 15.  

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The recall applies to vehicles that are already equipped with FSD Beta software, as well as cars on which installation is pending. This recall includes certain 2016-2023 Model S, Model X, 2017-2023 Model 3, and 2020-2023 Model Y cars. 

While performing an engineering analysis of Tesla cars, the NHTSA found that the FSD Beta system may allow a vehicle to make unsafe moves, such as traveling straight through an intersection while in a turn-only lane. 

The software also let a vehicle enter a stop sign-controlled intersection without coming to a complete stop. The agency also found the system's response to changes in the speed limit to be inadequate. 

The NHTSA is still investigating Tesla's Autopilot and associated vehicle systems.

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If a Tesla customer wants to contact the company about the issue, they should call Tesla customer service at 1-877-798-3752. Tesla's number for this recall is SB-23-00-001.

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