Thailand forms alliance to boost cloud development

Government agency partners local cloud-service providers to set up "Cloud Thailand Alliance", aimed at encouraging local development of software and applications for platform.
Written by Ryan Huang, Contributor

To help boost the development of Thailand's cloud computing sector, government agency Software Park Thailand has teamed up with local cloud service providers to form a partnership called "Cloud Thailand Alliance" (CTA), a report states.

According to The Nationon Sunday, the alliance aims to encourage Thai companies and developers to create software and applications for the cloud platform.

The group was officially launched earlier this month, and the six founding members comprise: True IDC, Datapro, Anise Asia, Cloud Creation, TOT GO, and Software Park Thailand.
The local daily said the alliance would be a channel for software vendors to host their software and applications. It will also help push the adoption of cloud services by the government and education sectors.

"Currently, many educational institutes are interested in adopting cloud. The CTA is expected to be the connecting point for them," Software Park Thailand's director, Thanachart Numnonda, said in the article.

By end-2012, the alliance aims to encourage 20 to 30 software companies to be on the cloud platform. It eventually aims to have about 100 to 200 software applications made available.
Other countries in the region, such as Singapore, have also been pushing for the development of cloud services to help smaller companies adopt IT services. Last month, Singapore revealed it was pushing a S$21 million (US$16.5 million) initiative, calling for companies to propose and develop sector-specific software-as-a-service to help small and midsize companies.

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