The 10 best-selling cars of all time

Can you guess which are the top ten best-selling car models of all time?

The Toyota Corolla is the best-selling car of all time, according to 24/7 Wall Street, a business news website.

Introduced in 1966, the Toyota mainstay has sold 37.5 million units over the years. The inexpensive four-cylinder sedan - originally launched in Japan, where its small size and fuel efficiency were well suited - has undergone 10 iterations of upgrades since then. Currently, the Corolla gets 35 miles per gallon and sells for $16,130.

Which cars were runners up?

2. Ford F-Series (1948 - present)
Sales: 35 million
Type: Pickup
Price: $22,990 (most recent)

3. Volkswagen Golf (1974 - present)
Sales: 27.5 million
Type: inexpensive four-cylinder sedan
Price: $17,995 (most recent)

4. Volkswagen Beetle (1933 - present)
Sales: 23.5 million through 2011
Type: inexpensive rear-engine four-cylinder
Price: $19,795 (most recent)

5. Ford Escort (1968 - 2000)
Sales: 20 million
Type: inexpensive four-cylinder two-door/four-door
Price: $11,950 (2000)

6. Honda Civic (1972 - present)
Sales: 18.5 million
Type: inexpensive four-cylinder sedan
Price: $15,605 (most recent)

7. Honda Accord (1976 - present)
Sales: 17.5 million
Type: inexpensive four-cylinder mid-sized sedan
Price: $21,380 (most recent)

8. Ford Model T (1908 - 1927)
Sales: 16.5 million
Type: first mass-production sedan
Price: $260 (1920s)

9. Volkswagen Passat (1973 - present)
Sales: 15.5 million
Type: mid-priced five cylinder four door
Price: $19,995 (most recent)

10. Chevy Impala (1958 - present)
Sales: 14 million
Type: mid-priced V6 coupe
Price: $25,760 (most recent)

Readers, did you find any unexpected models on this list? Was anyone else surprised to see the Ford Model T among the top 10, considering it's been out of production for the last 85 years?

Photo: Toyota

via [24/7 Wall Street]

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