The A-Z of ebusiness (N-O)

Your essential guide to all the latest buzzwords...
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Your essential guide to all the latest buzzwords...

Name Server
A program that translates names from one form into another, eg domain names into IP addresses. Nanotechnology
Refers to the science and technology of engineering electronic circuits and devices at the level of single atoms or molecules. Narrowband
Narrowband describes telecommunications that carries information over limited frequencies (the opposite of broadband). Netscape
A popular web browser developed by Netscape Communications, originally called Navigator. Newbie
A newbie is any new user of a technology (eg personal computers or the internet). Newsgroups
An online internet-based discussion group. To view and post messages to a newsgroup, you need a program (ie 'newsreader') on your PC which connects you to a news server on the internet. Alternatively, you can use a web-based news service such as that offered by Google. Nomadic Interactivity/Nomadic Computing
Computing where users may roam between different sites outside their administrative control using only a smartcard, a PDA or possibly a notebook. At remote sites, users will have access to their accustomed services without the need for manual configuration or software installation. Non-Linear Programming
VoD (Video on Demand) and PVRs will enable viewers to control or edit their own programming schedule, rather than having to tune in to a programme at a time specified by a broadcaster. Non-Volatile
A memory (eg in PCs) is non-volatile where the content is retained when a computer is turned off or loses its external power source. ROM is non-volatile, RAM is volatile. Oasis
Organisation for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards. Organisation working on promoting standards for information formats to increase interoperability. OASIS is also involved in ebXML, the development and promotion of a communication standard for the Internet. OEM
Original Equipment Manufacturer. Many specialist manufacturers produce goods for other companies that can be marketed under the brand of that company. OLTP (Online Transaction Processing)
A type of computer processing which is used to facilitate and manage transaction-oriented online applications. Typical uses include online banking and online shopping. One To One Marketing
Also referred to as relationship marketing, real-time marketing or Customer Relationship Management (CRM), one-to-one marketing is a customer-focused business model whereby a relationship with customers is established on an individual basis and the information gathered is used to provide a personalised service for each customer. Online Bidding
This is used in online electronic auction sites and is the electronic equivalent of making a bid at a live auction. Open Source
A program which is made available to users in source code form AND licensed to permit anyone to modify, add to and improve the program. Normally it is a condition of the licence that all changes must also be made available to the community of users of the program, often on a free of charge basis. See Linux. Operational Datastore (ODS)
An Operational Datastore is a read-only database which contains operational data which is updated on a frequent basis. It may be populated with data from more that one operational datastore and will often provide near real-time operational data (rather than long term or trend data) in support of a specific business need. Opt-in
A statement by an individual that they are willing to receive sales or marketing communications from a business. This relates to Spam. It is currently envisaged in the UK that consumers will need to opt in to receiving unsolicited communications. This is preferable from a consumer's point of view as with the opt out system they first need to receive a communication before they are able to opt-out of further communications. Opt-Out
A statement by an individual that they are not willing to receive sales or marketing communications from a business. See opt-in. OSP
An online service provider. This may be used interchangeably with the term internet service provider, though it is generally used to describe those internet service providers who offer additional content (such as America Online (AOL)) as opposed to those which only offer access to the internet. Outsourcing
This is a term to describe the process whereby a third party provides services to an organisation that would normally be provided in-house. This allows the organisation to take advantage of economies of scale and the expertise of the outsourcing service provider to reduce costs. Click here for the full index: http://www.silicon.com/a55850
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