The adiPure Adapt: Adidas' ultra-lightweight running shoe

Adidas recently announced a lightweight new running shoe that's contoured to the foot for a more natural run.
Written by Beth Carter, Contributing Editor

It's not as often that Adidas is in the spotlight for cutting edge design technology as some of its competitors-- but perhaps it should be. Adidas recently announced a new running shoe, perhaps responding to all the hype around Nike's Flyknit shoes making their own, but lighter.

The Adidas adiPure Adapt, part of the adiPure line from the German sportswear and shoe company, is super lightweight, part of the trend away from heftier running shoes that were the norm for so long. Weighing in at only four and a half ounces, the Adapt shoe weighs less than the Flyknits.

The shoe was designed to take advantage of the body's natural mechanics, offering minimal cushioning between you and the ground, thus forcing your legs and feet to feel every little change in the earth.

The idea is to influence the runner to run on his or her mid or fore-foot in hopes of providing a more "natural" run. The design itself is very simple, but sleek and form-fitting-- and it doesn't separate the toes like other natural run shoes (though it does make the shoe look a bit like an Aqua Sock).

The Adapt is now available in Europe, Japan and China, with a release in the United States expected in June, making it the latest shoe company to take advantage of the Olympic hype sure to hit with full force by this summer.

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