The best Android phone is... I don't know

The selection of Android phones is large and is full of good smartphones that would make anyone happy. So why can't I pick one as the best?
Written by James Kendrick, Contributor

The Android smartphone playing field is positively huge, with quite a few handsets on the market with virtually every global carrier. The phones are by and large powerful handheld computers in addition to being good phones. The good selection in the market is a major reason why Android just keeps growing. This has a slightly negative effect, in that it is not easy to figure out which are the best of the lot.

Most smartphones, Android and otherwise, have good touchscreens powered by stout processors that keep things moving along nicely. Cameras on phones are largely quite good, and all of this utility is packed in handsets that are thin and light, making them easy to use.

When I look around at the vast Android landscape, I keep coming back to which phone has the killer feature that others lack. I don't see one, as most Android phones are full-featured. While there is a lot of choice in Android phones, a good thing, I keep waiting for one phone to step up with that killer feature that sets it apart from the crowd.

My Nexus S 4G has NFC enabled with Google Wallet, which is not on many phones. It's not a killer feature for me, though, as I haven't even used it yet. I haven't been anywhere that accepts Google Wallet for payments because not many businesses accept it yet. While a nice unique feature, it's not a killer one for me.

I am not complaining as the selection of Android phones is outstanding. There are great Android phones with fast processors, big screens, and good cameras. But the geek in me wants a unique new feature that makes me want to go out and buy the phone that debuts with it. The desire for a special feature is going unsatisfied, and has for a while.

That's what makes it impossible for me to name one Android phone as the best. There are a lot of good ones, but not one I would put at the top of my list.

Image credit: Flickr user xdmag

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