The Chromebook Pixel cost me a lot of money

The screen on the new laptop from Google is so drop-dead gorgeous it cost me money I didn't plan on spending,
Written by James Kendrick, Contributor

I ordered a MacBook Air from Apple to replace my aging laptop. I was happy with my decision, even satisfied that I passed on the more expensive MacBook Pro with the fancy Retina display. Then Google sent me the brand new Chromebook Pixel with its gorgeous high-res display, and showed me my purchase was not good enough.

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Chromebook Pixel; MacBook Pro Retina display
Image: ZDNet

The Retina display on Apple's tablets and laptops has gotten a lot of press, and deservedly so. The crispness of text displayed has to be seen to be appreciated. The improvement of the Retina display over conventional screens is the reason why the former costs so much more.

The extra cost of the Retina display helped me convince myself that the conventional display of the MacBook Air was good enough for my needs, so I passed on the higher-resolution display.

The reasoning behind that decision hit the skids after using the Chromebook Pixel with its Retina-quality screen. Seeing how wonderful everything looks on the Pixel display had me regretting not getting an equal quality display on my new Mac.

The longer I used the Pixel, the more my discontent grew. It reached the point where I couldn't bear the thought of going back to a lower-resolution display, so I cancelled the MacBook Air and bought a 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display. I picked it up last night at the Apple Store and I am so happy with the Retina display that I don't mind the extra cost.

So Google's wonderful display on the Chromebook Pixel had the desired effect on me. It made me want a great display, so I bought one. I don't think it ended quite the way Google hoped it would, though.

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