The clue train has no caboose

The Internet clue train has no ending. It just keeps on chugging along.
Written by Richard Stiennon, Contributor
The Internet clue train has no ending. It just keeps on chugging along. But there is always a new group milling around the platform ready to hop on when they "get it". There is nobody left below the age of 24, they were the first to get on board, some of them are riding up front with the engineers.
All that is left are a few septuagenarians, musicians, and, oh yes, political operatives.

We have to excuse this last group their bumbling naiveté as they discover the Internet.  Remember the Wikipedia fiasco?  Staffers from competing senators’ offices were discovered attempting to modify encyclopedia entries.  They can no longer even access Wikipedia from their offices.  (Shhh! Don’t tell them about IP addresses and changing ISPs).

I was sitting in the audience at the Anti-Spyware Forum held in DC earlier this year when one panelist, a congressional staffer,  said “I don’t think a congressional staffer will ever have a blog”.  Ya think?. What a great way to start your political career: reveal the inner workings of Washington power politics in a blog. 

So now comes a lame video that portrays Al , Internet Inventor, Gore as a squawking penguin that puts Linux penguins to sleep with his lectures on global climate change.  A couple of journalists from the WSJ, who must have boarded the train several cars ago,  engaged the guy who posted the video to YouTube, a Mr. Toutsmith,  in an email conversation. He refused to say who he was but his email came from a domain registered to DCI Group a Washington DC PR and lobbying firm that represents Exxon!  


This is not over. Wait until the next presidential election. Then you will see some nefarious acts with equally lame attempts to cover up.

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