The Crux Loaded converts your iPad 2 into a laptop - with some caveats

The latest iPad dock from CruxCase aims to replicate the form factor and functionality of the laptop...for some reason.
Written by Ricardo Bilton, Contributor

Somewhere in the world there exist people who desire to convert their tablets into laptops. Whether it's for business or pleasure, the possibility of attaching a keyboard to a keyboard-less device may seem strange and counter intuitive, but that doesn't stop it from being cool.

The creators the Crux Loaded have capitalized on that novelty, offering in their latest iPad case a variety of improvements over previous models. Whereas previous Crux Cases only featured keyboards, the latest model now adds a bluetooth trackpad, meaning that you won't have to touch the iPad's screen at all while working. The tablet's battery life is also given a boost with the Curx Case, adding 7.5 hours of power.

The Crux Loaded also allows users to remotely access other computers, functionality that requires the purchase of a separate remote desktop application.

This convenience, however, won't come cheap. The Crux Case sells for $249, half the price of the cheapest iPad. That's significant because, rather than buy the device, iPad owners might be better served by buying a netbook, or perhaps even the cheapest version of the MacBook Air.

But if price isn't a concern, the Crux Case is a interesting idea worthy of your consideration. All you have to do is wait until this fall, when the device will actually be available.

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