The details of Yahoo CEO Marissa Meyer's lucrative pay packet

The release of Yahoo's offer letter gives the new Yahoo CEO a base of $1 million annually, plus a number of stocks and bonuses.
Written by Charlie Osborne, Contributing Writer

The release of Yahoo's offer letter gives the new Yahoo CEO a base of $1 million annually, plus a number of stocks and bonuses.


Yahoo filed regulatory documents with the SEC on Thursday, disclosing how much it will pay its new CEO Marissa Mayer. The entire offer letter has been submitted, dated July 16 2012.

The compensation package could result in salary, bonuses and stock of over $70 million if the newly appointed CEO stays at the company for five years.

The pay package includes $1 million in annual salary -- balancing out to $83,333.33 per month. Meyer can also make $2 to $4 million through an annual bonus scheme.

The new Yahoo CEO's equity awards rack up to $12 million in company stock, split between restricted stock units and options.

After leaving Google, the company Meyer originally joined 13 years ago as its 20th employee and first female engineer, Yahoo has offered $14 million in "making whole restricted options" for forfeiture of compensation from Google stocks.

She will also be eligible to participate in an incentive plan that will pay her 200 percent of her annual base salary with a 2012 maximum of 400 percent of her salary if she exceeds her targets. Realistically, this could bring in between $2 million to $4 million more per year.

The offer letter also states that Mayer will receive a "one-time retention equity award" of $30 million.

Within hours of the announcement of her new appointment being made, Mayer also said that she and her husband Zachary Bogue were expecting their first child, due in October. Mayer has said that Yahoo directors knew about her condition during the hiring process, and the new CEO plans to work throughout a short maternity leave.

Despite weak financial results, flat net revenue and a marginal decrease in second-quarter profit announced this week, Yahoo remains one of the world's most popular websites, attracting over 700 million visitors per month.

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