The drug smuggling drone

What's next for these pilotless things - prison breaks?
Written by Mark Halper, Contributor


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"First guy to the drone gets the weed - and might even bust out of this place!"
 Cakes. They're so old-fashioned. If you want to smuggle something into a prison, keep up with the times.

Use a drone.

That's what a man attempted to do in Australia, until police spotted his pilotless airborne vehicle hovering near a Melbourne penitentiary, with some illegal substances onboard. They charged him with "possession of a drug of dependence and attempt to commit an indictable offense," the coppers said in a news release.

It's not the first time that drones have attempted to head over slammer walls. As the BBC reported

In November four people were arrested after a remote-controlled helicopter was allegedly used to fly tobacco into Calhoun state prison, Georgia, in the US. Also in November, a drone was spotted flying over a prison in Quebec in Canada.

Makes you wonder what's next. A jail break? Time to remake The Great Escape. Dump the motorcycle. First guy to the drone gets the weed. And if he hangs on, he might even bust out of the place!

Image of The Great Escape movie poster is from MidCentArc via Flickr

Don't have a drone? Try this:

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