The enormous disparity in global health, visualized

Health statistician Hans Rosling takes us on a visualized ride through 200 years' worth of medical and financial data from 200 nations.
Written by Andrew Nusca, Contributor

If there's one guy we love here at SmartPlanet, it's Hans Rosling.

Rosling, who studies at the intersection of medicine and statistics, is a master at bringing enormous amounts of numbers to life, using the power of the infographic to visualize health trends and help people like you and me understand what's happening in our world.

In a short video for BBC Four's "Joy of Stats" program, Rosling takes us through recent historical milestones -- the Industrial Revolution, the first and second World Wars, and so forth -- and shows us how they impacted the health of nations across all continents.

The result? Over the past two centuries, nearly all nations have gotten healthier and wealthier, but the gap has widened immensely between the best -- Western nations -- and the worst, such as the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Here's an amazing look at the health and wealth of 200 nations in 200 years, in just four minutes:

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