The Executive's Guide to Windows 8 (free ebook)

Windows 8 offers plenty of innovation -- maybe even too much. Business and IT decision makers have a lot to consider when it comes to Windows 8 deployments. Here's a deep dive on the big issues.
Written by Jason Hiner, Editor in Chief

When Microsoft designed Windows 8 it had a couple big goals in mind. One was about driving better convergence from the PC to the tablet to smartphone. The other was about completely re-engineering Windows for a multi-touch environment. The question of how well they pulled it off and whether it was even the right strategy will continue to be debated. However, today's business leaders are faced with the immediate decision of whether Windows 8 offers value to their organizations and if they should adopt it or route around it.

To help business and IT executives tackle this issue, ZDNet and TechRepublic have created The Executive's Guide to Windows 8, a PDF ebook that digs into the big questions facing enterprises and SMBs. The ebook is available as a free download to registered ZDNet and TechRepublic members. (If you're not already a member, you can click here to register. It only takes a moment.) 

The ebook contains three main sections:

  • Does it make sense to upgrade?
  • Who plans to upgrade?
  • Why did Microsoft gamble on the new UI?

As the summary to the ebook over on TechRepublic explains:

In this guide, you'll see what industry analysts and IT professionals think about the new OS, who is planning a Windows 8 deployment (and who is holding back), the reasons behind that go/no-go decision, and what Microsoft's strategy is likely to mean for corporate IT down the road.

Download it here.



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