The Gmail app for iOS is... still not here

Two weeks after finally releasing an official iOS app for Gmail and immediately pulling it due to errors, Google is mum on when it might reappear in the App Store.
Written by James Kendrick, Contributor

A couple of weeks ago Google finally responded to Gmail customers, and released an official app for the iOS platform. Not many people got hold of it though, as Google immediately pulled it from the App Store due to problems early adopters were facing. The few who installed it found it a less than impressive app for working with Gmail anyway.

Google assured iPhone and iPad owners using Gmail that it would be bringing the app back quickly, and leave it long enough that users could actually install it. That was almost two weeks ago and the Gmail app for iOS is still nowhere to be seen.

Usually rumors leak about folks testing an app like this in secret, but not this time. It's as if Google has decided the iOS app was so bad it would start over. Whatever the truth may be, only Google knows what it is. It would sure be nice if it decided to let us folk anxiously awaiting this app know what to expect. As Gmail users we are already Google customers, it could think of this as customer support. Although, it's not clear if Google is aware of the concept behind customer support.

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