The HTC Droid Incredible (with Flash) is the new top dog

Meet the new king of the smartphones, the HTC Droid Incredible - with Flash.
Written by Jason D. O'Grady, Contributor

I irked some iPhone elitists when I listed 12 ways that the Google Nexus One slayed the iPhone. But that's so last month. New Android handsets hit the market every 1-3 months (compared to the 12 months it takes to see an updated iPhone) and there's already a new sheriff in town.

I've been testing the HTC Droid Incredible for a few days and, so far anyway, it lives up to its name. The Incredible is pictured here with its "terrain" back cover bearing its uber-hot 8MP cam, microSD card slot and removable battery.

The 12 ways that I mentioned last month are still valid, plus the newly released Incredible adds few more to the list of why Android OS 2.1 is better than the iPhone.

  1. Adobe Flash 10.1 - While not perfect, it's nice to have the option to view flash content. I played a  bunch of fun games at AddictingGames.com (one force closed the Browser on me). I viewed the desktop version of YouTube.com on the Incredible's Web browser (Hitler reacts, natch) and it launches a new app, HTC Flash player. The opening animation on Flash.com was ok, but stuttered a little bit on playback. Although Steve Jobs shrewdly timed Thoughts on Flash makes several valid points, more options are always better for the consumer. Apple's lack of Flash support is all about locking you into the Apple ecosystem and its damning statements about it are both incendiary and juvenile.
  2. 8MP camera - It's nothing short of amazing, save the horrible "optical joystick" shutter release. I will be posting some sample photos that I took in NYC shortly.
  3. Sense UI - A definite upgrade to the "stock" Android OS theme in every way. I used to prefer the vanilla Android UI, but the enhanced version of Sense that ships on the Incredible is growing on me fast.
  4. Two words: Verizon Wireless (enough said)
  5. The microSD slot isn't blocked by the battery (and 32GB cards are now available)

What's troubling is that the builds of iPhone OS 4.0 released to developers indicate that Apple have only addressed two of my 12 reasons why Android is better than iPhone OS (#6 multi-tasking and #7 combined inbox).

All isn't perfect in Incredible-ville though. I'm having some difficulty installing Google Voice on my Incredible (I'm told it's an issue with my handset) and it doesn't have the super-sexy Mobile Hotspot app like the Pre+ which is literally a killer app - especially for iPad owners.

Apple needs to address all 12 reasons in iPhone 4.0 just to catch up with Android 2.1. If it's going to take the lead the next iPhone some new and unique features that blow us away. While video chat has promise, I'm not sure if one unique feature will trump the 10 that the iPhone is missing.

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