The Hyperloop now has two top engineers to build it

So, the Hyperloop, it's really happening?
Written by Tyler Falk, Contributor

You can't start booking your tickets for a 30 minute trip from San Francisco to Los Angeles yet, but just days after simulations showed that the Hyperloop -- the super-fast tube travel system that Elon Musk has been advocating for -- could work, two top engineers have signed on to build the Hyperloop.

Dr. Marco Villa, former director of mission operations, SpaceX, and Dr. Patricia Galloway, the first woman President of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), announced that they will take the lead on the project.

But they won't be going it alone. The project is on JumpStartFund, an online business incubator that crowdsources ideas and talent for budding projects and companies while at the same time using crowdfunding to get investments for those projects. After 28 days of voting, commenting, and vetting by the JumpStartFund community, members will now be able to apply to work fulltime on the Hyperloop in exchange for equity in the company.

"There does not seem to be any technical issues on this project that we can't solve, even if we do not know right away, we will figure it out," said Villa in a statement. "Hyperloop is a very complex system and we look forward to receiving input and support from all the brilliant minds out there in the JumpStartFund community to make this a true open source development."

And we look forward to project updates.

Of course, there's still a long way to go before the Hyperloop comes to life, but the fact that there are smart people working to turn it into a reality is certainly a positive step.

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