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Marc Canter bought me dinner last night. Does that mean I'm pimping Marqui now?
Written by Steve Gillmor, Contributor
Marc Canter bought me dinner last night. Does that mean I'm pimping Marqui now? Guess it does.
Marc then sprinted back to the hotel for an 8:30 Birds of a Feather session where Dick Hardt finally had enough time (and a persistent questioner) to explain both the mechanics and the business models of his sxip identity scheme. It's an elegant solution that just needs a first mover in the portal space to gain enough traction to allow Microsoft's Kim Cameron to get past the Allchin Barrier and do the right thing not just for the Web community but for Microsoft itself.
Disclaimer: my tendency to lay all Microsoft strategic decisions and lack thereof at Jim Allchin's feet is purely my opinion and not the opinion or policy of any employer, partner, friend, or associate, except of course unless they are smart enough to agree with me.)
The Identity Gaggle will continue without me at Esther Dyson's PC Forum, and then on a future Gillmor Gang.
After the BOF, I wandered over to a Microsoft Research soiree and finally had the great pleasure of meeting Dare Obasanjo, who has single-handedly maintained Microsoft credibility in the RSS community (again, just my opinion) by crossing party lines to favor not fixing things that aren't broken. We dove deep on Dare's concerns about attention, interrupted only by a heads-up about Yahoo's 360 plans in blogging and social networking (Dare is now in the MSN Spaces group.) I'd now peg him as 90% of the way there on attention.xml or some equivalent, up from 50-50 at the start of the conversation. Looking forward to hearing about the ideas he said were percolating as he opened up to my "vision" if not completely the implementation. As Adam Bosworth says, whether it's specifically attention.xml or some more ad hoc and organic version doesn't matter.
I can share less of my conversations here in San Diego with Bosworth, Brendan Eich, Marc Andreesen, Doc Searls, and others about an attention-related project I'm developing with Hank Barry, but progress is being made. I can share all 45 plus minutes of my conversation with Bob Frankston as soon as Dan Farber uploads the recording to my enclosure feed. Be warned: the clarity of Bob's comments was unexpected, and, frankly, a little unnerving.
Back later.

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