The new iPhone: What you won't see from Apple today

Today is the big iPhone announcement and the pundits will be out in force telling us all about it. There has been much speculation over what Apple will announce. What makes Apple so successful is what they won't show us today.
Written by James Kendrick, Contributor

The big Apple event goes down today, and if it's not an iPhone event the folks in Cupertino have pulled a big joke on everybody. The iPhone 5, or whatever Apple officially calls the new smartphone, will be unveiled and then quickly dissected by pundits to tell us what it all means. Like all Apple events this one will be epic and what we won't see today is what sets the company apart from the crowd.

Whatever is announced by Apple there is one thing you can count on. There will only be one iPhone unveiled. Unlike the competition, Apple keeps its iPhone product line simple. There won't be a cheap iPhone, a mid-line iPhone, and then a top model. There will be one iPhone.

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Sure the new iPhone will be available with different amounts of storage, but that's it. All new iPhones will be the same in every other way. One phone, slightly different prices. This is what sets Apple apart from the entire smartphone space.

All other smartphone makers take the scattergun approach to smartphone lines. They introduce multiple new models to cover the entire range of features and prices. They dilute their own product line in the effort to appeal to everyone. The result is an unclear message to the consumer. Which model is right for me? Which one (if any) should I buy?

Apple figured out a long time ago that the luxury car approach is perfect for the iPhone. You regularly only change it up a little because buyers know it will remain in fashion longer. You only have one current iPhone model at a time. 

To attract the budget minded buyer Apple will do what it always does. It will continue to offer old iPhone models at much lower prices than the new iPhone. This costs them nothing since they are already in production, but they become budget iPhones due to new low pricing.

The new iPhone will be unveiled and yes, there will be lines to buy it. Buyers want the newest phone from Apple and they know the decision will be an easy one. New phone, storage capacity, and that's it. That's why Apple will sell at least 1.5 million new iPhones this weekend. That's why it will be called "the" iPhone. Just one.

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