The new SMB stack 2021 (free PDF)

What do small business leaders need to know about building their IT stack? Find out by downloading the free PDF ebook version of a special report from ZDNet and TechRepublic.
Written by Melanie Wachsman, Editor
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Choosing a business technology stack is a challenge during normal times, let alone in the midst of a global pandemic. However, that's exactly what small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) have done over the last 12 months. 

How they accomplished this task, and acquired technology which promotes innovation and growth, is the focus of the ZDNet and TechRepublic PDF ebook: The new SMB stack 2021.

Here's a look at what's in this free PDF ebook.

COVID-19 has tested small businesses as never before, exposing any weaknesses in their tech setups. But with the right plans in place, SMBs have a better chance of pulling through. ZDNet's Charles McLellan details how in his feature "Tech priorities for small business in 2021: Here's what's top of the shopping list."

According to ZDNet's Danny Palmer, there's one NCSC tool which aims to help small businesses develop a strategy to protect themselves from cybercrime. Find out more in his article "Free cybersecurity tool aims to help smaller businesses stay safer online."

Results from a TechRepublic Premium survey show that more respondents are using a hybrid combination of internal and cloud servers than they were in 2020. Read about more findings, plus analysis in an infographic by TechRepublic's Melanie Wolkoff Wachsman.

Which video conferencing platform is right for your business? ZDNet contributor Ed Bott  gathered details about the leading services in his article, "Best video conferencing & virtual meeting platforms." In addition, Bott profiles four desktop PC alternatives in "Best computers in 2021: Which desktop PC alternative is right for you?" He also investigates internet providers in "Business broadband: Best internet service provider in 2021" and password manager options in "Best password manager in 2021 for business & personal use."

Also in this ebook, ZDNet contributor Cliff Joseph reviews top monitors in the article "Best monitor in 2021." And ZDNet contributor Steven J. Vaughan-Nicols looks at top cloud storage options in his feature "Best cloud storage services 2021: Expert picks & pricing."

ZDNet's Larry Dignan takes a closer look at Podium in "Vendor profile: Podium aims to be the SMB tech stack across messaging, payments," and in his article "Best cyber insurance 2021," Dignan researches insurance options to consider. 

SEE: The new SMB stack 2021 (free PDF) (TechRepublic)

ZDNet contributor David Gewirtz investigates a wide variety of printers that meet a range of business needs in the articles "Best inkjet printer in 2021," "Best 3D printers in 2021: Expert reviews of top brands" and "Best laser printer in 2021."

In the article "Best VoIP service 2021: Replicate a traditional office phone at home," Gewirtz details how to replicate a traditional office phone PBX remotely, and he shares his picks for top email hosting providers in the article "Best email hosting 2021."

This ebook is chock full of stack-building recommendations. ZDNet's Natalie Gagliordi takes a look at 10 point-of-sales (POS) systems in her article "The best POS system: Get the right one for your business." ZDNet contributor Charlie Osborne focuses on routers in her article "Best router on Amazon Business in 2021." Tools that help employees collaborate and stay productive while working from home is the focus of ZDNet contributor Adrian Kingsley-Hughes' article "Best collaboration apps and tools in 2021." 

Online stores and ecommerce are on the rise. ZDNet contributor Bridget Reed discusses the top vendors in "Best ecommerce website builder and online store builder in 2021." 

SEE: The new SMB stack 2021 (free PDF) (TechRepublic)

Opening a business bank account may seem like a big step, but ZDNet and TechRepublic are here to show you the benefits, pitfalls and why this helps your business. Read more in Reed's article "When is it a good idea to open a business bank account?" In the article "How to get a business loan: Everything you need to know," Reed details what you need to know when locking in a loan for your growing business. 

If you're a small business owner, you don't want to miss the best tax deductions available in 2021. Reed explains a few ways to claim them and maximize returns in the article "Best small business tax deductions in 2021," while ZDNet contributor Tiernan Ray explores the best tax software for small businesses and personal tax preparation.

To read all these articles, plus details on original research from TechRepublic Premium, download the free PDF ebook: The new SMB stack 2021.

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